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A (Bon)Fireside Chat with Dr. Meg Bradley

“We’re always solving a problem for the patient–whether that’s pain, a spatial problem, or form and function issues. Oral surgery is very satisfying because we develop and execute a clear solution to a clear problem.” Dr. Meaghan Bradley joins SMOMS in August 2022, after completing her residency at Boston University/Boston Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. […]

A (Bon)Fireside Chat with Dr. Rob Walsh

“Remember the old Snickers commercials ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’? People aren’t themselves when they’re in pain. They’re a radically different person. We give them that Snickers bar and fix the pain to get them back to who they really are, after the pain is gone.” Dr. Rob Walsh joins SMOMS in July 2022, […]

Certified SMOMS: Dr. Kris Cooper on Passing his Boards

After 4 years of college, 4 years of dental school, and 6 years of residency, you might think that Dr. Kris Cooper was all schooled out. However, SMOMS’ newest surgeon had one more academic dragon to slay as he settled into private practice: the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery’s (ABOMS) Board Certification Exam.  […]

Coming Up SMOMS

At the onset of COVID in 2020, SMOMS followed in the footsteps of other dental and medical practices, hiring Screeners for each of our offices. In addition to greeting our patients, our wonderful Screener Team took patients’ temperatures and ran through a standard set of health questions with our patients. SMOMS could not have opened […]

Treat Your Teeth!

Feeling like the sugary Maine ice cream season is finally catching up to your teeth? Thinking about how you want your smile to look in back-to-school photos? Just invested in your teeth with oral surgery at SMOMS? Whatever your reason, now is the season to show your teeth a little extra T.L.C.!  At Southern Maine […]

A Fireside Chat with Dr. Kris Cooper

At SMOMS, we’re excited to run a special summer edition of our Fireside Chat Series–We’ll call it a Bonfire Chat! Without further ado, we invite you to sit down, grab a s’mores, and learn more about our newest surgeon. Dr. Kris Cooper joins SMOMS in July 2021, fresh out of his residency at the University […]

How do You Spell Oral Surgeon? DDS, DMD, MD, FACS…

Would you trade years of your life (and part of your life savings) for a handful of letters after your name? You might if they signified your commitment to your livelihood, your practice, and your patients! The surgeons at Southern Maine Oral Surgery have a medley of letter combinations after their names: MD, DDS, DMD, […]

Time after Time: How long does it take to place a dental implant?

Between depictions in pop culture and advertisements promising “teeth in a day”, the completion timeline of a high-quality dental implant confuses a lot of patients–and for good reason! The most intricate (and time consuming) part of placing a dental implant happens below the surface of the gum, unseen by the patient. High quality dental implants […]

A Fireside Chat with Dr. Tim Mitchell

At SMOMS, we are beating the winter blues with a series of Fireside Interviews with our fantastic doctors. Sit down, warm up, and learn more about the SMOMS surgeons! Dr. Tim Mitchell came to SMOMS in 2001, and has been treating our patients with care, skill, and the wit that only an Irishman can supply.  […]

A Fireside Chat with Dr. Jeff Doss

At SMOMS, we are beating the winter blues with a series of Fireside Interviews with our fantastic doctors. Sit down, warm up, and learn more about the SMOMS surgeons! Dr. Jeff Doss joined SMOMS in 1989. Since then, he has been keeping our patients smiling with his kindness, skill, and never-ending supply of jokes. Q: […]