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What’s in a Name? Know your Different Dentists

Medical words have a reputation for being tough to pronounce–and nearly impossible for non-medical personnel to understand. This is typically because medical vocabulary uses Greek or Latin roots that seem far away from our everyday language.  However, the proper name of something or someone can tell us a lot about what it is or what […]

How to Beat Dental Phobia

At Southern Maine Oral Surgery, we love seeing and treating our patients…but we know that feeling isn’t always mutual! Not everyone loves going to the dentist, and patient anxiety can range from a mild apprehension to full blown Dental Phobia (a fear so intense that it causes people to avoid the dentist completely). Because we […]

Three Strikes and You’re Out! What are Third Molars?

  Third molars are just that: the third molar to erupt on the length of your jaw. Because these third molars appear later in life (usually between 17 and 21 years old), they have the popular name of wisdom teeth.  Our neanderthal ancestors had longer jaws with more teeth–particularly molars–to grind up tough food. As […]

Who’s Behind that PPE?

Just like other medical procedures, oral surgery has always required top-notch sanitization and safety gear. With the rise of COVID-19 at the start of 2020 however, the CDC implemented standardized Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidance for Dental Settings. Between gowns, surgical masks, eye protection, scrub hats, and gloves, it might seem like a patient is […]

SMOMS 2021 Wall Calendar Photo Contest is underway!

It is incredible to believe, but we ARE starting to gather photos for our next Wall Calendar Photo Contest!  If you are a referring doctor of SMOMS, or you work for one of our referring offices, feel free to email a photo YOU have taken of a beautiful Maine scene to Suzanne Nason, [email protected]  She […]

Special Group Inservice at SMOMS

We had a very special November in-service as a team.  First we all contributed something to our SMOMSGiving Meal, which was delish!  Then we welcomed Bobbi and Jennifer from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services.  They talked to us about their new Prescription Monitoring Program, which is working!  

Congratulations Dr. Melissa Hamel!

Meet Sweet Pea, Zoe, and Milo, the loves of Dr. Melissa and Dr. Jason Hamel.  They won this years’ Halloween Pet Photo Contest. Thanks to all who submitted entries.  Such fun!

Congratulations to Dr. Manijeh Best!

Dr. Manijeh Best won our July 3rd Seadogs at Home Plate Contest, where she and 3 guests were able to sit behind Home Plate at Hadlock Field, while the Portland Seadogs, farm team for the Boston Red Sox, took on Trenton Thunder!  Fireworks naturally were included.  We hope she and her guests had a fantastic […]

The 3rd Seminar in our 5-part Seminar Series!

We enjoyed welcoming Ira Dickerman (below center) from Dickerman Prosthetic Labs to the Portland campus of UNE-CDM on June 5th. He spoke to our guests about the steps taken from their point of view when making a final restoration. In the family-owned lab that they have had for over 50 years, they mill and print […]

The 2nd installment of our 5-part Seminar Series…

The 2nd installment of our 5-part Seminar Series took place on Thursday, May 9th, when we welcomed Dr. James Stein to the Portland Campus of the University of New England.  A leading prosthodontist from the Boston Area, Dr. Stein talked to us about “Treatment Planning For Better Implant Placement and Restorations: The Digital Pathway And […]