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Time after Time: How long does it take to place a dental implant?

Between depictions in pop culture and advertisements promising “teeth in a day”, the completion timeline of a high-quality dental implant confuses a lot of patients–and for good reason! The most intricate (and time consuming) part of placing a dental implant happens below the surface of the gum, unseen by the patient. High quality dental implants […]

A Tale of Two Smiles: Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implants

In the United States, approximately 120 MILLION adults are missing at least one permanent tooth. Missing teeth disrupt all types of everyday dental functions–from eating to smiling. For patients who would like to fill the gap of a missing tooth (or teeth!), they can opt for a dental bridge or a dental implant. Although they […]

The 3rd Seminar in our 5-part Seminar Series!

We enjoyed welcoming Ira Dickerman (below center) from Dickerman Prosthetic Labs to the Portland campus of UNE-CDM on June 5th. He spoke to our guests about the steps taken from their point of view when making a final restoration. In the family-owned lab that they have had for over 50 years, they mill and print […]

X-Guide Seminar with SMOMS and Nobel

We kicked off a 5-part seminar series on Friday, April 5th, which is focused on the many technological advancements of Navigated Surgery as it applies to Oral Surgery and Dentistry.  We had a great time with Dr. Robert W. Emery, who is a leading expert on X-Guide Navigated Surgery, and are looking forward to future […]